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About Our Service

Rob Nadigel has been running DJ Press kits & Traveling DJs for over 7 years. Traveling DJs is a network for DJs who seek to grow and better themselves internationally and locally. One of the many benefits of Traveling DJs is the capacity to share knowledge, experience and information related to the development and marketing of DJ brand, product and services.

The culture of Traveling DJs is to generate and create opportunities for professional DJs of all skill sets and experience. To offer advice, encouragement, moral support and knowledge. Many hard working DJs are currently traveling all over the world doing what they love.

DJ Press kits and Travling DJs go hand in hand. Entertainers need good marketing / promotion and every GREAT entertainer needs someone they can trust to pursue their goals. The traveling DJ universe Is a place to learn and network with other professional DJs just like you. Rob has successfully connected pro DJs to international opportunities in many of the hottest spots in the world! In his own words Rob says, "it's amazing how many great DJs are out there yet so many don't know how to make leads or seal deals...". Rob worked on ships for 15 years and now recruits talent all over the world. Traveling DJs has over 8000 members and counting. To learn more about Traveling DJs go here

What is a DJ Press Kit?

We offer comprehensive DJ Press Kits featured with some unique components that different from any other. Our DJ Press Kits emphasize the relevant information that employers seek, so you get more opportunities for employment. Not only the content, but the way we present it visually is also a reason why our DJ Press Kits continue to be successful.

A DJ Press Kit should reflect your professionalism and should not simply be a generic resume. It has to include your proudest achievements, your best performances, future events and some of your most successful shows. Our DJ Press Kits contain all that information so that you become distinct from the rest of the crowd. Employers are mostly on the lookout for people who can work professionally and who offer something distinct. Anything that is run of the mill will not do. We ensure that the employer perceives you just that best way.

Any DJ Press Kit needs to have some basic information about you and your skills. You can be creative and present it in an innovative way, but keep in mind that a good DJ Press Kit has to include the following information:

  • Bio
  • Videos
  • footage
  • Photos Productions/mixes Links
  • Past Performances
  • Social Media

Rob Nadigel, CEO

Rob Nadigel