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Why should a DJ have a press kit?

As a DJ - how do you market yourself? Do you send out just a resume, hoping that potential employers will be able to glean all of the information they need from one, short document? Or do you use a professionally designed and put together electronic press kit, which highlights your accomplishments and speaks to who you are? Being a DJ is an artistic pursuit, so your DJ marketing should be just as personalized and artistic. The worst reason not to get DJ gigs is because you blend in with all the other DJs.

Be irresistible to your clubs and clients. Being a good DJ requires marketing. Being a GREAT DJ means more than just a business card. It means a branded look and eye candy that sets you apart. I'm a successful DJ. Have been for years. I figured out the formula.

Now it's your turn!

The key is exposure. Seems simple, right? What's simple is taking the advice of an expert DJ marketer. I don't guess at this ... my proven DJ Press Kits have helped thousands of DJs become successful all over the world. Don't kid yourself if you believe the resume you made last year is OK. It's not. If you are serious about the DJ ENTERTAINER BUSINESS, please don't treat it like a hobby. Being in business takes more work, but it's all worth it because you can live the lifestyle of your dreams, have a ton of fun, and make great money.

So far, you've learned that a great DJ must be a great marketer. Make the first one-tenth of a second count when they look at your DJ Press Kit. That's right - they decide in 100 milliseconds if they want to see more. First impressions make or break it for you. Get your professionally designed and customized DJ Press Kit from the #1 DJ Press Kit provider on the planet. Don't rely on regular marketing folks for this: a DJ Press Kit is focused, crisp, and tells your world exactly who you are and why they should hire you.

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